MSU Ad Hoc Presidential Contract Review Committee Meets in Louisville

Feb 13, 2013

A Murray State Board of Regents Ad Hoc committee will gather data under four headings to review President Randy Dunn’s contract.  Board Chairman Dr. Constantine Curris met with Vice-Chair Marilyn Buchanon, and Finance Committee Chair Stephen Williams in Louisville today.

The four subjects the committee intends to evaluate include: the university’s progress during the last five years, statements and resolutions of support or criticism, presidential and board relationships and contract provisions. Curris says while he isn’t formally soliciting statements of support or criticism he has received some. But, he says they won’t heavily weigh into the board’s decision. Curris says,

“This is not a popularity contest at this point. At this point it is the decision of the board to who the board would like to have to lead this institution in the days ahead. Sentiments of people are important, but this is not an election.”

Curris, Buchanon and Williams will independently research data in the coming weeks before scheduling another meeting. Curris says while the initial charge of his committee included a closed door meeting at the full board’s March meeting, he now says he doesn’t know whether or not the meeting will be held in closed session.