The Morning Cram [yada yada edition]

Apr 26, 2013


From NPR: Jerry Seinfeld talks about how he warmed up to coffee and why it goes perfectly with French toast. His cup of jo even inspired him to start a new little show called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Kentucky: The Kentucky Supreme Court after a tie vote has ordered state child welfare officials to release records of child abuse involving death or serious injury. A new training center for the state fire commission and National Guard opens in Greenville.

Tennessee: A trucking company says Flying Pilot J Owner Jimmy Haslam obstructed justice and bought off cheated customers.

Illinois:  The Illinois Senate is working to improve the odds of passing legislation to expand gambling. Gov. Pat Quinn hasn’t said if he would sign a measure to increase the speed limit to 70 mph on the state’s interstates and tollways. Republican Congressman Aaron Schrock says he won’t be running for governor.