The Morning Cram [into the wild edition]

May 28, 2013

From NPR: Twenty-two million Americans served in the military, but the vast majority are from the Vietnam and Korea generations. They're getting older now, and many live in rural, sometimes remote places like Alaska, where reaching the veterans to connect them with their benefits is difficult.

Kentucky: A Trigg County man drowned over the weekend after authorities say he fell from a fishing pier on Lake Barkley.

Tennessee: Obion County is no longer among the top-10 Tennessee counties with the highest unemployment rates. The nonprofit group Scenic Tennessee is promoting an anti-litter campaign combining music, scenic photography and community cleanups with online videos and social networking.

Illinois: The Illinois State Senate plans to present a concealed-carry gun bill which keeps local firearms laws intact. The sponsor of a proposal authorizing new casinos across Illinois says the bill is undergoing various tweaks before fellow lawmakers can vote on it. The Illinois House has approved a Medicaid expansion to cover low-income adults who don't have children at home.