The Morning Cram [who’s fatherland? edition]

Sep 16, 2013

  From NPR: As many as 5,000 Syrian refugees are moving to Germany this month, but they aren't receiving the warmest welcome in a country where a growing number of Germans are unhappy about the steady stream of asylum seekers. Fanning the flames are extremists, who want Germany to close its doors to refugees.

Kentucky: The State Fire Marshal's Office is investigating the cause of a fatal house explosion that leveled a Calloway County home on Saturday night. Leaders in business, health care and government are assembling in Bowling Green for a summit designed to improve health information technology. 

Tennessee: Gov. Bill Haslam has a series of public events scheduled for West Tennessee.

Missouri: Louder than a chainsaw, the cicada produces a noise reaching 120 decibels, making it the loudest known insect. A new study published last month finds rural homosexuals tend to have better health and well being than their big city peers.