The Morning Cram [where jobs grow on jobbies edition]

Aug 2, 2013

From NPR: The share of adults who are working or looking for a job is lower than it's been in decades. Here's why.

Kentucky: Republican Congressman Ed Whitfield introducing bipartisan legislation for DOE workers. U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's chief of staff will step down temporarily today to take a more active role in the Kentucky lawmaker's re-election campaign as a senior adviser. Local telephone calls in western Kentucky will soon require dialing 10 digits, but customers will have a six-month period to get used to the change. The former commander of Fort Campbell is back on post this week preparing to help the Army slim down.

Tennessee: Proponents of allowing wine to be sold in Tennessee supermarkets and convenience stores are touting a new study that they say suggests that the change would not be linked to increased crime or traffic fatalities.