The Morning Cram [when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie edition]

Feb 12, 2013

From NPR: Guys, want to impress your valentine? Make her this easy coffee gelato-like dessert or if she’s a salty gal you can go with a fancy version of everyone’s favorite meal, macaroni and cheese. And as a bonus, you can tell her you’re staying true to Valentine’s Day’s roots. All the recipes are inspired by the same romantic, pasta-loving country that was home to St. Valentine – Italy.

Kentucky: Lawmakers are considering a telephone deregulation bill, and proponents promise it would not hurt Kentucky’s poor. The state House passed a bill to allow criminals to remove lower felonies from their record, which now moves to the Senate. The House works on the pension reform bill that the Senate passed last week. General Fund revenue rose almost 4 percent last month, mostly thanks to a tax amnesty program.

Tennessee:  The state is opening four overseas offices in an effort to increase Tennessee exports.