The Morning Cram [what am I doing? edition]

Aug 19, 2013

From NPR: Think buying health insurance through the Affordable Care Act will be confusing? You're not alone. NPR listeners asked questions that have been bugging them about student status options and penalties. Julie Rovner, NPR's health policy correspondent, explains how it's going to work.

Kentucky: Murray State University will pay national search firm Witt Kieffer up to $130,000 to find its next president.  A new Paducah hotel that would connect to the Julian Carroll Convention Center downtown is one small step closer to coming to fruition. Dozens of schools across Kentucky will receive help in a project to provide elementary school students with fresh produce. Kentucky's Fish and Wildlife Commission is asking for fee increases for some licenses and permits, but rates for basic hunting and fishing licenses for Kentucky adults wouldn't be affected. Kentucky lawmakers will try once again to establish legislative boundaries this week in Frankfort. 

Tennessee: Republican Governor Bill Haslam is visiting businesses in three rural counties west of Nashville this week.