The Morning Cram [we did start the fire edition]

Jan 30, 2014

From NPR: North Dakota's oil boom isn't just about oil; a lot of natural gas is being produced, too. But there's a problem with that: The state doesn't have the pipelines needed to transport all of that gas to market. There's also no place to store it. In many cases, drillers are simply burning it.

Kentucky: The Cave-In-Rock Ferry between Kentucky and Illinois is expected to be closed for several days. The Kentucky House voted to strengthen accountability standards for public school districts. Senate Republicans in Kentucky have started pushing one of their top priorities — a proposed ballot measure seeking to put restrictions on the governor's power.

Illinois: Governor Pat Quinn wants every worker in Illinois to have the chance to get at least two sick days.

Tennessee: Tennessee is among three states receiving high marks for their teacher policies. The Tennessee Senate is scheduled to vote this morning on whether to allow local governments to hold referendums on selling wine in supermarkets and convenience stores.