The Morning Cram [tick tock tick tock edition]

Oct 4, 2013


From NPR: President Obama says he won't negotiate with Republicans over the debt ceiling, but he's happy to talk once the government is open and the full faith and credit of the United States is assured. Experts in negotiation weigh in about the tactics and the strategy being used during the budget impasse.

Kentucky: Fort Campbell has canceled Retiree Appreciation Day, saying the government shutdown makes the event impossible. A Murray State University professor answered questions from the uninsured about the Affordable Care Act in an open forum yesterday.

Illinois: A proposed solution to Illinois' historic $100 million pension crisis is hanging in the balance as the state Legislature's October veto session approaches.

Tennessee: Obion County officials have approved a $3.65 million dollar incentive package in the hopes of attracting an industrial manufacturer. Gov. Bill Haslam has pledged to improve teacher salaries over the next several years.