The Morning Cram [thrift shop mp3s edition]

Apr 11, 2013

From NPR: Discussion in a legal case to determine whether or not you can resell your MP3s turns to Star Trek and Willy Wonka.

Kentucky: People rallied in Lexington yesterday for immigration reform. Kentucky’s General Fund is on track to meet its tax revenue goals for the fiscal year. School boards throughout the state are being offered a $10,000 incentive to raise the dropout age. The Advance Kentucky program that aims to get more students to take Advanced Placement tests could run out of funding.

Tennessee: The Obama administration’s 2014 budget proposes the possible sale of the Tennessee Valley Authority. A bill creating a panel that could create charter schools for the five lowest-performing counties advances to the state House.  Meanwhile, a measure freezing the state’s beer tax is headed to Gov. Bill Haslam, and the Senate voted to block public access to handgun carry permits.

Illinois: A state Senate committee is discussing its concerns of corruption if gambling was expanded in Illinois.