The Morning Cram [swamp land edition]

Feb 20, 2013

Credit 2012 Fox Searchlight

From NPR: A small not-for-profit group called Cinereach is aiming to tell stories that Hollywood overlooks. The mission of the group founded by 20-something New York University grads is to tell “vital stories, artfully told,” and they have financial backers who support that mission. Cinereach had its first big success: the Oscar-nominated Beasts of the Southern Wild, which it helped fund. The not-for-profit started in 2006 when it just had 30 proposals to consider. Now it has 2,500.

Kentucky: House Speaker Greg Stumbo says a tax reform vote won’t happen this legislative session. Gov. Steve Beshear says law enforcement’s concerns with legalizing industrial hemp must be addressed before Kentucky moves to grow the plant. A bill allowing sexual assault victims to quickly ask for their alleged attacker’s to be tested for HIV cleared the state House in a unanimous vote. 

Tennessee: Legislation that would have allowed Tennessee to form its own interstate health care compact has failed in a state House committee.  A state Senate committee narrowly decided yesterday to delay voting on a bill that would ban federal enforcement of state firearms laws. Gov. Bill Haslam’s bill that would tighten enrollment requirements for online-only schools moves to the House. An effort that would reduce daily expense accounts for legislators within 50 miles of the state capitol is running into resistance as it heads to the General Assembly. Legislation that singles out Nashville and Memphis for a state charter authorizer has been delayed.

Illinois: The Supreme Court has refused to hear ex-Gov. George Ryan’s appeal over his corruption conviction.