The Morning Cram [spoonful of cinnamon edition]

Dec 30, 2013

From NPR: If I say cinnamon, you say ... sugar? It's a popular combination, of course. But if you're interested in the health-promoting effects of cinnamon, you may want to think anew about the spice.

Kentucky: More than 400 candidates have filed to run across Kentucky in next year's elections. Kentucky highway fatalities this year are the lowest since 1947. State officials are reminding Kentuckians that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will provide grants to partially pay for projects that help clean up polluted streams, lakes and groundwater supplies. An analysis by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce has found that many communities across the state have rebounded from the 2008 recession.

Tennessee: The Bureau of TennCare has awarded managed care contracts to AmeriGroup, BlueCare Tennessee and UnitedHealthcare.