The Morning Cram [in-sourcing? edition]

Jun 6, 2013

From NPR: The Chinese computer maker Lenovo is trying to boost its brand and U.S. market share as other high-tech firms, including Motorola, plan to manufacture here. North Carolina officials say the plant in Whitsett is a sign of manufacturing's return from overseas.

Kentucky: The Kentucky Public Service Commission will conduct public hearings in Paducah, Henderson and Owensboro over a proposed rate hike. A Lexington Democrat college is considering taking on Republican U.S. Rep. Andy Barr. Attorney General Jack Conway has landed a plum assignment as emcee of the annual Wendell Ford Dinner. The acting commander at Fort Campbell is convening a panel of experts today to discuss efforts to curb sexual assault and harassment.

Tennessee: Membership among Southern Baptists has fallen slightly for the sixth straight year. Tennessee college students will see lower tuition increases thanks to improved state funding.

Illinois: A new Illinois Lottery game will benefit programs working to prevent the spread of HIV.