The Morning Cram [up in smoke edition]

Sep 20, 2013

Credit Arnold Paul, via Wikimedia Commons

From NPR: Under the proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency, new plants that run on coal would only be permitted to emit about half as much carbon dioxide as the average coal plant puts into the air today. Emissions from the electricity industry are already declining as utilities turn to natural gas and wind farms.

Kentucky:  In an effort to encourage economic development, the Paducah Citizens Advisory Board recommended the Department of Energy postpone making a decision that could affect General Electric Hitachi's interest in Paducah for another six months on Thursday at the board meeting. The number of African Americans living below the poverty line in Kentucky increased in 2012, while the rest of the state’s poverty data showed little or no change. The state unemployment rate declined slightly in August. Old trucks, tractors and other government surplus equipment will be up for auction next week in Frankfort.

Tennessee: The Department of Children's Services has fallen out of compliance in several of the areas the federal court uses to measure its performance.