The Morning Cram [smarty pants edition]

Dec 21, 2012

From NPR: A new survey shows students who aren’t good at science many times have higher levels of self confidence in their science skills. Good news – the Unites States isn’t the worst offender. But when compared with students in Great Britain and Australia who are better at science the Americans thought more highly of themselves.

Kentucky: Kentucky State Police collected more than 100,000 pounds of food in its “Cram the Cruiser” food drive. KU and LG&E customers can expect about a five percent increase on their electric and natural gas bills starting in 2013. Kentucky is joining several other states and the federal government in a multi-million dollar settlement with drug manufacturer Amgen for its illegal marketing practices.  

Tennessee: Starting in 2013, doctors will have to check a database when prescribing drugs in an effort to curb prescription drug abuse.

Illinois: Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon says the state’s pension burden is threatening veterans homes throughout the state. State pension fund managers are reviewing their portfolios for gun investments in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting.