The Morning Cram [small and stagnate edition]

Oct 10, 2013

From NPR: When politicians say that small businesses are key to job growth, what most people imagine are mom-and-pop shops — the dry cleaner or coffee place. It may make a good sound bite, but research shows that most small businesses stay small. Only a fraction of these do grow into something big.

Kentucky: A select committee investigating sexual harassment complaints against a former lawmaker will consider sending letters to all legislative staffers inviting them to come forward with grievances. Republican Matt Bevin has hired a national communications director to work on his U.S. Senate campaign. The Kentucky State Police arrested 39-year-old Stewart Odom of Murray yesterday in connection with an early morning Arson Fire that occurred on Oct. 6th.

Illinois: Illinois officials say they will improve all-terrain vehicle recreational access by selling usage stamps beginning early next year.

Tennessee: The Tennessee Highway Patrol is warning motorists about deer-related crashes during the fall and winter.