The Morning Cram [slurps mcgurps edition]

May 7, 2013

From NPR: The Pallas's long-tongued bat has a neat trick at the tip of its tongue — tiny hairlike structures that fill with blood and stand straight out. This turns the tongue into a nectar-slurping mop at just the right time.

Kentucky: Senator Mitch McConnell's next election is a year and a half away and he doesn't have a serious opponent. One of Kentucky's Medicaid managed care groups will begin laying off workers next month to prepare for shutting down.

Tennessee: The Tennessee Arts Commission has reinstated its popular Arts Build Communities grant program. The Tennessee Department of Health is urging people to protect themselves from viruses transmitted by mosquitoes. The Tennessee Department of Education plans to use nearly $4 million in federal education funds to pay for eight leadership development programs.

Illinois: Illinois union leaders are encouraging lawmakers to support a pension reform proposal they recently agreed on. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has announced that federal grants worth $28 million will be distributed to qualifying community groups that want to help educate consumers about the new online marketplace for health insurance.