The Morning Cram [sister against sister edition]

Oct 9, 2013

From NPR: Sisters Nagwa, Dina and May had always been close — until now. The political crisis in Egypt has ripped apart their relationships. One sister believes the Muslim Brotherhood is destroying the country; the other two are committed Islamists. It's a domestic tragedy that is playing out across Egypt.

Kentucky: The Paducah Riverfront Redevelopment Project needs $50,000 in rock grading before the project can be put on hold for evaluation. Kentucky has received a $2.2 million federal grant to help pay for an electronic system for delivering election ballots to soldiers deployed overseas. Agriculture Commissioner James Comer is inviting the public to visit the state Department of Agriculture. Murray State is experiencing “sluggishness” when it comes to regional enrollment.

Illinois: Democratic legislative leaders are asking the Illinois Supreme Court to reject Governor Pat Quinn's appeal of a lawsuit over legislative pay.