The Morning Cram [saturday night sinner, sunday morning…edition]

Jul 3, 2013

Credit Toni Blay, Flickr Commons

From NPR: Indiana is the only state where you can't buy packaged beer, wine and liquor on Sundays and the only state that regulates alcohol sales based on temperature. Convenience stores want to change the laws, but the state's liquor stores — who would seem to have the most to gain — are fighting back.

Kentucky: With one-thousand United State's Enrichment Corporation employees soon to lose their jobs,the organization that seeks to limit the negative impact of the plant's closure has an uncertain future of its own. Murray’s Kyle-Oakley Field Airport has been awarded a $128,000 Federal Aviation Administration grant for updating the airport’s master plan. Actress Ashley Judd says she's "ready to fight" beside Democrat Kentucky secretary of state Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Illinois: Honeywell's Metropolis plant can resume full operations after receiving the go ahead from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. An Illinois legislative committee working to forge a compromise on the state’s $97 billion pension crisis is holding its second public hearing.