The Morning Cram [the river widens edition]

Sep 12, 2013

Credit "Money" by Tax Credits, Flickr Commons, (CC BY 2.0)

From NPR: In his new book, Average Is Over, Tyler Cowen predicts that America will become a new, more creative meritocracy. Though he believes a rise in income inequality is inevitable, he hopes that "happiness inequality isn't going up in the same way."

Kentucky: State Representative Sannie Overly is calling for an independent review of the Legislature's policies regarding workplace behavior.   A Kentucky legislative committee has rejected new science standards for public school students, but Gov. Steve Beshear now says he’ll use his power to implement the standards anyway.

Illinois: Illinois health officials are urging homeowners to make an emergency plan and prepare a supply kit for home during September.

Tennessee: The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission is meeting next week to discuss and vote on the state's 2014 commercial fishing proposals. More than 60 Tennessee school superintendents have signed a petition calling on the governor and state lawmakers to re-evaluate the leadership at the Tennessee Department of Education.