The Morning Cram [reserve this! edition]

Dec 23, 2013

From NPR: In 1907, the U.S. economy was in the grip of a financial crisis. Unemployment was up. The stock market was down. At the time, the U.S. government had no way to deal with the panic. There was no institution that could step in to stop the run on healthy banks. So the job of stopping the panic fell to one man: J.P. Morgan (of J.P. Morgan fame).

Kentucky: Mayfield's Mid-Continent University is on an accrediting group’s warning status for a second consecutive year. A new analysis finds that without policy changes, the commonwealth may be powered almost entirely by natural gas in 30 years. Five people have been killed in flooding caused by a strong storm system that swept through most of Kentucky. The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security has awarded nearly $60,000 in grants to 11 law enforcement agencies to purchase body armor. A Louisville Senator would like to see ‘no show’ fees implemented for Medicaid patients who miss doctor appointments.

Tennessee: Tennessee is one of three states receiving a million dollar grant to increase on-time college completion rates. The University of Tennessee At Martin has new athletic leadership.