The Morning Cram [pay to play edition]

Mar 25, 2013

From NPR: The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments today in a case worth billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies and American consumers. The issue is whether brand name drug manufacturers may pay generic drug manufacturers to keep their cheaper products off the market.

Kentucky: New data shows Kentucky children are healthier on average than children across the nation. In spite of the immanent closure of Barkley Regional Airport’s tower, officials there remain hopeful that the shutdown is a temporary setback. Kentucky lawmakers will reconvene at noon today to finish out the last two days of this year's legislative session. The Kentucky Lottery Corporation is moving ahead with a new Keno game and online lottery sales.

Tennessee: Student identification cards issued by public universities could not be used to vote in legislation scheduled to be heard on the House floor this evening.

Illinois: The U.S. 60-62 bridge over the Mississippi River from Illinois to Missouri will be closed starting today until this Thursday.