The Morning Cram [one word: plastics edition]

Apr 10, 2013


From NPR: Much of the money given through Pell Grants is going to students who never graduate. The group these grants serve is also drastically changing. Students aren’t just fresh-faced high school grads anymore. They’re adults who have lost their jobs and are trying to improve their chances of getting a job by furthering their education.

Kentucky: Paducah’s Downtown Farmer’s Market looks like it will have far fewer vendors this year due to a liability insurance requirement.

Tennessee: A proposal to allow teachers with prior law enforcement experience to carry guns in schools has passed both state House and Senate committees. A bill that would create a special panel to authorize charter schools has stalled in the Senate, and another banning cameras in polling places has been withdrawn in the House.

Illinois: State House Minority Leader Tom Cross won’t say if he would vote for legalizing gay marriage.