The Morning Cram [one for the road edition]

Jun 7, 2013

Credit Toni Blay, Flickr Commons

From NPR: Among the many reasons for ongoing riots in Turkey: A recent law restricting the advertising and sale of alcohol. Secular Turks see the new rules as the latest effort by the ruling AK Party to impose religious values on the population.

Kentucky: Fort Campbell officials asserted their commitment today to hold soldiers who commit sexual assault and harassment accountable for their actions. Kentucky wineries will put their products to the test at a competition in Louisville this summer. Kentucky's U.S. senators say they are being blocked in their efforts to legalize industrial hemp production.

Tennessee: Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center will be auctioned off at the end of June, as part of foreclosure proceedings brought against the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.

Illinois: House Republican Leader Tom Cross says the sooner lawmakers return to Springfield to get the job done, the better. A second major rating agency is downgrading Illinois' credit worthiness.