The Morning Cram [now and forever edition]

Oct 25, 2013

From NPR: In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of StoryCorps, we revisit Danny and Annie Perasa's story. Danny's big personality and deep love for his wife, Annie, drew listeners in since the couple's first interview in 2004. Danny died in 2006. Today, Annie still lives in their Brooklyn, N.Y., apartment. "Danny didn't go," she says. "He's not gone because of StoryCorps."

Kentucky: Gov. Steve Beshear says the Medicaid managed care system is running smoothly, with payments being processed quickly and fewer complaints. Kentucky authorities are urging people to participate in a prescription drug roundup aimed at curbing addiction to pills commonly found in family medicine cabinets. Foresters are scouring university campuses, tree farms, cemeteries and Kentucky woodlands in search of nuts, fruit and seeds from native trees. Gov. Steve Beshear joined company officials and local leaders in Crittenden County yesterday to announce the more than $2 million expansion at Siemens’ rail automation facility. The city of Murray will pay for some big-ticket items this year with a 4% property tax increase.

Tennessee: A new report shows there were more than 7,500 cases of bullying reported in Tennessee's public schools during the 2012-13 school year. The Tennessee Department of Transportation has created a fund to support the transportation needs of public transit users, pedestrians and bicyclists.