The Morning Cram [no more farmer john edition]

Sep 17, 2013

From NPR: Farmers say they need to produce food as efficiently as possible in order to feed the world. It's high-tech agriculture's claim to the moral high ground in the debate over how best to grow food. But is it true?

Kentucky: The Trigg County Fiscal Court is in talks to amend its alcohol ordinance.  U.S. Sen. Rand Paul found a receptive audience in a mostly African-American Louisville neighborhood.  Kentucky could take a shellacking in an online auction to sell some $3 million worth of equipment from the Department of Agriculture's now-defunct fuel testing lab. 

Illinois: The AFL-CIO wants Illinois' pollution control board to waive pollution controls at coal-fired plants being sold by Ameren Corporation. Gov. Pat Quinn says he respects William Daley's decision not to challenge him for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.