The Morning Cram [new mediums edition]

Oct 7, 2013

From NPR: Bo Burnham got his start in comedy on the internet, rather than in clubs. He found fame on YouTube and parlayed millions of views into a thriving career. Now, he's turned to the printed page with Egghead: or, You Can't Survive On Ideas Alone, a collection of comedic poetry modeled on Shel Silverstein.

Kentucky: 53 pounds in crystal methamphetamine is now in the hands of Kentucky law enforcement after a three month investigation. People interested in running for property valuation administrator can take the required examination to qualify next month in Lawrenceburg. A new study has found a dramatic drop in the number of teens abusing prescription drugs.

Tennessee: The American Civil Liberties Union says before-game prayers should not be sponsored by public schools. A library assistant and a home health aide have filed a federal lawsuit over Tennessee's rules for people who advise others about the new health insurance exchange.