The Morning Cram [my little pink pony edition]

Nov 28, 2012

From NPR: Grover Norquist says a compromise with the GOP raising taxes and Democrats cutting spending is as rare as a pink unicorn.

Kentucky: The GOP nominated Robert Stivers as state senate president, but his new role won’t be official until January. As the tax amnesty offer deadline approaches, the Kentucky Department of Revenue fields more calls. The Patriot Coal bankruptcy case will now be heard in St. Louis instead of New York City after hundreds of retired coal miners from areas like Kentucky and Illinois sent handwritten letters. Mercy Regional EMS in Paducah will house the firefighters and fire truck from Fire Station 3 while it undergoes renovations.

Illinois: The Army Corps of Engineers is reducing flows on the Missouri River putting the Mississippi River in danger of low water levels that could shut down commerce. Bay Ridge Inc. is going to close the Willow Lake Mine because it did not comply with safety, performance and compliance standards. Illinois lawmakers are considering a three-year pilot program that would legalize medical marijuana for certain illnesses.