the morning cram [a mother's work is never done edition]

Apr 9, 2012

Scientists have found one more reason that pregnancy and obesity can be a bad combination.

NPR reports a new study in the journal Pediatrics suggests a link between overweight mothers and the likelihood of giving birth to children with developmental disorders.

Kentucky~ Weather for 2012 not only broke high-temperature records for our region, but for the majority of the U.S. as well. The Kentucky Department of Revenue is reminding taxpayers this year they’ll have two extra days to file their income taxes. Voters will soon have their say in the GOP primaries. Top Kentucky health leaders and lawmakers trying to end multi-state prescription drug trafficking and abuse are meeting in Florida this week.

Tennessee~ Clarksville’s Police Department is going paperless in an effort to cut down times for traffic stops and help the City Court become more efficient. Two bills advancing in the legislature encourage school districts to encourage parental involvement.

Illinois~ Jackson County officials say two women are dead after their car submerged in a lake near Carbondale.