The Morning Cram [making a cliff out of a molehill edition]

Dec 11, 2012

From NPR: Tax experts say the upcoming fiscal cliff is really more like a pot of water getting ready to boil. The country won’t jump to its doom Jan. 1, the heat will just be turned up then. The experts say people won’t immediately be affected. The changes will come slowly, and probably won’t be noticeable until around the end of January.

Kentucky: Now that David Williams has left Frankfort, lawmakers think passing an expanded gambling bill is more likely. A family is planning to restore a Utica cemetery where a friend of Thomas Jefferson is buried. An activist group delivered 1,500 postcards to Gov. Steve Beshear yesterday asking him to abolish the death penalty. A prosecutor has asked a Trigg County sheriff to share the information he has gathered with his own funds about the unsolved murder of Chantell Humphries.

Illinois: The State Crime Commission is declaring a war on drug dealers who supply heroin to teenagers by offering a reward throughout the holidays for anyone with information about them.