The Morning Cram [losing our religion edition]

Jan 14, 2013

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Although America is still one of the most religious countries in the western world, that is changing quickly. A new study shows 1 in 5 Americans have no religious identity, and that number is growing fast.    

Kentucky: Work on reforming some of Kentucky’s liquor laws may wait until a federal appeals court rules on a current challenge. The Murray State Men’s Basketball Team came out on top against long-time rival Austin Peay. One of Kentucky's most recognizable political figures says he’s taking a very serious look at running for Governor. After years of struggling to combat Oxycontin abuse, Kentucky officials are getting a chance to pursue the drug's maker in a state court lawsuit. A federal bankruptcy judge wants to hear from all parties involved in the case of novelty ice cream maker Dippin' Dots. Lyon County votes tomorrow on a referendum to allow the sale of alcohol.     

Tennessee: Records from the Tennessee Department of Children's Services show the agency fell behind in reviewing child deaths and ignored its own policies.