The Morning Cram [this little light edition]

Jun 5, 2013

From NPR: The assassination of the NAACP field secretary galvanized a growing civil rights movement, the effects of which are still being felt across the South today.

Kentucky: Three western Kentucky counties look like they will not become a District of Innovation. U.S. Representative Ed Whitfield's father, Edward O. Whitfield, has died. The Kentucky attorney general's office says $11 million will be distributed to more than 7,000 eligible borrowers who submitted claims for mortgage servicing abuses. Kentucky Educational Television host Ferrell Wellman will emcee the political speeches at this year's Fancy Farm picnic. People who fall behind on their income taxes in Kentucky are subject to losing state licenses to drive, practice law or even cut hair.

Tennessee: The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission will hold a specially-called meeting next week to discuss bear hunting and the incidental taking of wild hogs.

Illinois: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn won't say if he'll sign a concealed carry bill that lawmakers approved last week.