The Morning Cram [it's just a piece of paper edition]

Mar 5, 2013

From NPR: Dale Stephens says many students would be better off ditching college and finding alternate ways to complete their educations. His new book, Hacking Your Education, explores that idea. "When you think about education as an investment, you have to think about what the return is going to be," he says.

Kentucky: The Kentucky House passed a perennial proposal yesterday to create a system of public financing for Supreme Court races. Fort Campbell will welcome a new general to the post this morning. National Geographic has designated the Kentucky Bourbon Trail as one of its top 10 "Best Spring Trips."

Tennessee: The Tennessee state House will consider creating an entirely new panel for authorizing charter schools at the state level. The Tennessee Democratic Party is crying foul as advocacy groups begin running TV spots promoting school vouchers. The Tennessee Firearms Association is again looking for a fight. Tennessee's new 2013-14 hunting and fishing licenses are now on sale.

Illinois: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says the state budget he'll present this week will be hard and difficult because of Illinois' massive pension debt.