The Morning Cram [It Looks Like Boot Hill for Gunslingers, Cowboys and Textbooks Edition]

Aug 14, 2012

From NPR: AWild Resting Place for Gunslingers and Cowboys

From Kentucky: Former Kentucky agriculture commissioner Richie Farmer will be in court this morning asking for a reduction to his child support payments. Teachers are being pushed to find more resources online as more and more textbooks become outdated and are not being replaced. Some doctors are expressing concerns about new state regulations requiring them to meet tougher prescription standards in an effort to stop drug abuse. A memorial service for Governor Steve Beshear’s chief of staff Mike Haydon will be held tomorrow afternoon in the state Capitol Rotunda.

From Illinois:  The Republican running to replace Southern Illinois’ U.S. Representative Jerry Costello said he's confident he can put the 12th District in the GOP column for the first time since World War II. 

From Tennessee: About 150 Tennessee Army National Guardsmen from Union City are among more than 300 Tennessee National Guard members flying home this week after a year's deployment in the Middle East.