The Morning Cram [the ikea effect edition]

Feb 6, 2013

From NPR: For most, making or assembling things with your hands develops a sense of pride in your workmanship. Researches are now asking if labor actually leads to love instead of the other way around. Feel a need to test it out? So do all the other people running to their nearest Scandinavian do-it-yourself furniture store.

Kentucky: Medical marijuana supporters rally in Frankfort today. State legislators are ready to work on tax reform, but the tax reform commission chair says one isn’t coming soon. The Paducah Renaissance Alliance wants to expand its board to 15 members. Gov. Steve Beshear says expanding gambling in the state to include casinos is not likely to pass.

Tennessee: State Department of Children’s Services commissioner Kate O’Day resigns just one day ahead of testifying in a hearing addressing child deaths under the agency’s care. The “guns-in-trunks” measure is on its way to the full state Senate for a vote.

Illinois: State Senate Democrats believe they have enough votes to legalize gay marriage after moving to put the measure on the floor for a vote.