the morning cram [here we go again edition]

Jul 18, 2012

From NPR: If you thought last month's Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act was the final word on the legality of the health law, think again.

From Kentucky: Murray voters passed packaged alcohol sales Tuesday by 53 percent in a special election. After months of deliberation, Marshall County residents chose to stay dry yesterday in a vote that drew more than 13,000 people to the polls. The Paducah City Commission decided at their meeting last night to allow the owner’s of the Ethan Allen Carriage House to demolish the building. The City of Paducah will submit a letter of intent to the US Army Corps of Engineers to support the city floodwall’s rehabilitation. 

From Tennessee: At least two chapters of the Tennessee Republican Party say Governor Bill Haslam isn’t conservative enough and they’ve passed resolutions calling on state party leaders to sanction him.