The Morning Cram [hands in the dirt edition]

Jan 9, 2014

From NPR: Interior Secretary Sally Jewell has a goal of putting 100,000 young people and veterans to work on the federal lands she oversees before the end of the Obama administration. These are basically public service jobs that don't pay a lot. But still, it's not an easy goal to reach during times of tight budgets, so that's why she's gone to corporate America to try to raise money.

Kentucky: Health advocates are preparing another push for a statewide smoking ban in some public places. Kentucky first lady Jane Beshear is asking citizens to participate in the annual Shop & Share day. Murray State facilities crews are busy repairing coils within HVAC units and licensed contractors will soon get to work repairing fire suppression sprinklers throughout the campus. A Kentucky lawmaker accidentally discharged her firearm in her Capitol office.

Illinois: Illinois officials say the unemployment insurance tax rate will fall in 2014 for most businesses as the economy is expected to improve.