The Morning Cram [greenhouse gas guzzler edition]

Jun 27, 2013

Credit Arnold Paul, via Wikimedia Commons

From NPR: Researchers are developing a technology that could draw carbon dioxide directly out of the air. It's very expensive now, but it works, and one company is already trying to identify a market for all that captured greenhouse gas.

Kentucky: A means to control mosquito swarms this summer around Land Between the Lakes is a concern for an organic farmer that lives less that 10 miles from where the Department of Agriculture plans to spray.

Tennessee: The state fire marshal's office says it has distributed more than 25,000 smoke alarms to homes in high-risk areas. A dozen federal lawsuits filed against the truck stop chain run by Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam could be consolidated before a single judge.

Illinois: Gov. Pat Quinn says his state will pay an extra $130 million in interest on a bond issue this week due to lowered credit ratings because the state has not been able to solve its pension crisis.