The Morning Cram [forever young…and old edition]

Jan 27, 2014

From NPR: In recent years geologists have hotly debated the age of the Grand Canyon. Some think it's young (just 6 million years old), while others argue that it dates back 70 million years — to the days of dinosaurs. Now one group says the Grand Canyon is neither young nor old. Instead, these geologists say, it's both.

Kentucky: Kentuckians should prepare for yet another round of Arctic-like weather early next week. Public school districts within 100 miles of Land Between The Lakes are eligible to apply for field trip grants for the 2014-2015 school year. A group of current and retired corrections officers are planning to lobby state lawmakers during the current legislative session for a pay raise. The Kentucky House will begin work to break down Governor Beshear’s budget this week. 

Tennessee: The Tennessee state Senate is scheduled to take up a measure today that seeks to change the way Tennessee's attorney general gains office.