The Morning Cram [forbidden love edition]

Feb 14, 2013

From NPR: It’s a pre-independent India love story. Now 90 years old, Debika Ghosh , recalls how she jumped off a train and went without the family blessing just to marry the husband she lived with for 60 years.

Kentucky: The Christians-only health care plan Medi-Share is a step closer to being allowed once again in Kentucky after the Senate passed a bill that would exempt the plan from regulations. Forest fire hazard season begins this week in Kentucky. A state House committee has approved legislation that would require police to take a DNA sample when arresting someone on a felony charge.

Tennessee:  College presidents in the state are defending groups that promote diversity on their campuses. The state Senate is expected to vote on two constitutional amendments today.

Illinois: A Cook County judge dismissed a case filed by the Thomas More Society that tried to ban gay marriage in the state. Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon isn’t seeking re-election. A state correctional workers union is concerned about violent maximum-security inmates being transferred to lower-security prisons.