The Morning Cram [a fighting chance edition]

Sep 13, 2013

From NPR: Lessons in optimism from very ill children inspire pediatric oncologist Jim Olson in his hunt for better treatments for brain tumors. If a boy too sick to get out of bed can still find a way to have a snowball fight with his older brother, then Olson figures he can find ways to improve brain surgery.

Kentucky: The Murray City Council will consider a series of alcoholic beverage control recommendations that stem from a statewide licensing overhaul. More than half of the cruisers now being used by Kentucky state police troopers have logged over 100,000 miles and are becoming costly to repair.  The commander of the Division of Vehicle Enforcement has asked lawmakers to provide pay raises to his officers. Richie Farmer is scheduled to appear in court to finalize a plea deal that could send him to prison for about two years. The University of Louisville has announced it will hire a firm to look into the school’s financial management. Sen. Rand Paul and Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer are playing a game of chicken with the federal government over the growing of industrial hemp in the state

Illinois: Honorably discharged veterans may now obtain specially designated driver's licenses in Tennessee.