The Morning Cram [fatty mcfatfat edition]

Jan 2, 2013

From NPR: During the season of weight loss and diet change, there is some good news. One researcher has found that having a little bit of extra body weight might actually help you live longer. But many other researchers aren’t buying it.

Kentucky: Democratic Rep. Carl Rollins is pushing legislation to abolish the death penalty in Kentucky. Although the fiscal cliff deal passed in the House and the Senate, Kentucky congressmen are equally divided on the tax agreement. The number of mining deaths in Kentucky was cut in half from 2011 to 2012.

Tennessee: Doctors serving TennCare patients are going to see an increase in their paychecks in 2013, along with a probable increase in patients enrolled in the state program.

Illinois: The state Senate and House may add an increase of funding for the Department of Transportation to an already busy lame duck session.