The Morning Cram [fake malaria pill edition]

Dec 19, 2012

From NPR: Fake malaria drugs are being sold in Myanmar, and their distribution is causing people to die from taking pills that don’t actually treat the fatal disease and to become resistant to one of the strongest anti-malarials, artemisinin.  

Kentucky: The threat that closed Reidland High and Middle schools stemmed from a non-threatening conversation between two students about the video game Mine Craft. Work continues to restore the historic Columbia Theatre in Paducah. Kentucky joins the HERO Campaign against drunken driving. Rep. Sara Beth Gregory is taking former Sen. David Williams’ Senate seat after winning the special election. Wondering which spots you should stop and visit while driving through Kentucky for the holidays? A new visitors guide and free smartphone app has got you covered.

Tennessee: The state is hosting a safety summit for schools in the wake of the tragic Connecticut shooting. Don’t worry about lane closures in Tennessee over the holidays because TDOT is stopping almost all road work in the state.

Illinois: The Illinois Department on Aging warns older adults to resist the urge to pinch pennies and lower their thermostat.