The Morning Cram [eco-friendly warfare edition]

Jan 22, 2013

Ever know a company to make military drones and electric vehicle chargers? Well AeroVironment does. And some workers are uncomfortable with the company's dual interests, but the company’s president does not see a conflict.

Kentucky: A southern Kentucky evangelical preacher is asking the federal appeals court to strike down the University of Tennessee's requirement for speakers on campus have sponsorship. Kentuckians who want to become organ donors can have their wishes known with a special symbol on their licenses or ID cards that also adds their name to the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry. McCracken County may soon get a new leash law.  Five people have asked the Kentucky Court of Appeals to decide if a special taxing district for the McLean County Public Library is legal.

Illinois: Illinois school administrators, teachers and law enforcement will meet today to discuss how to make Illinois schools safer.

Tennessee: Tennessee State government is opening self-service kiosks that will allow drivers to renew or replace their driver licenses and state identification cards to reduce wait times. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has no public events scheduled this week as he prepares to deliver his annual State of the State address.