The Morning Cram [choose to snooze edition]

Dec 2, 2013

From NPR: Scientists agree that teenagers naturally go to bed late and sleep late, too. But high school start times are traditionally very early. Proponents of later start times say they're finally getting traction. The result, they say, will be happier kids who do better in school.

Kentucky: The Kentucky Public Service Commission is hosting a public forum on proposed rate increases by western Kentucky’s Big Rivers Electric Corp. Kentucky State Police troopers across the state will be looking at data to see where highway crashes involving injury or death most often occur. Former Kentucky  Senate President David Williams has filed candidacy papers to seek election to the judicial seat Governor Steve Beshear appointed him to last year. A roundup of drug offenders touted by the Kentucky State Police as the largest such operation in its history still has a ways to go.

Tennessee: The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has a new mobile app that allows users to take along the latest agency info wherever they go. A Dyersburg woman has received a thank-you note from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after crocheting booties and a cap for their infant son.