The Morning Cram [car talk edition]

May 2, 2013


From NPR: A young woman in Nigeria says God spoke to her in her dreams, guiding her to become a car mechanic. Despite initial resistance from her family, she fulfilled her vocation and has gone on to train other young women to do what one trainee calls "the best job in the world."

Kentucky: Kentucky education officials have suspended online testing through at least today after glitches with the testing system used to administer end-of-course assessments. Kentucky has set a record with April's sales of hunting and fishing licenses. And The post positions are set for Saturday’s running of the Kentucky Derby.

Tennessee: When the Legislature failed to extend the life of the Judicial Nominating Commission, it effectively ended merit-based selection of judges in Tennessee. Tennessee has been recognized as the second bike friendliest state in the Southeast.

Illinois: Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon says the General Assembly should take action on an ethics reform package before the legislative session ends.