The Morning Cram [canteen girl edition]

Dec 18, 2012

From NPR: Before Skype or other video calls, troops relied on the Canteen Girl to lift their spirits with her voice on the radio. Now 96, Phyllis Jeanne Creore reflects on the letters she received and young homesick troops during WWII.

Kentucky: Reidland High and Middle schools are closed today after The Paducah Sun received a letter raising concerns about the high school’s safety.  The Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform issued a report proposing cuts to individual and corporate tax rates while extending sales tax on some services. The fire hazard season may be over for Kentucky, but people should still be cautious when burning things outdoors. Western Kentucky gets a new area code – 364 -- that will overlay with the current 270 code beginning in 2014.

Tennessee: The state is now offering a free hotline for homeowners facing foreclosure. A 101st Airborne commander says Afghan security forces are capable both on the ground and in the air.