The Morning Cram [can’t stop edition]

May 24, 2013

Credit Orrling and Tomer S.

From NPR: Itch can be a useful warning sign, or a maddening symptom with no cure. But the origins of itch have long been a mystery. Scientists think they've come closer to understanding the origins of itch in a molecule that makes mice scratch like mad.

Kentucky: LATA Environmental Services of Kentucky is suspending planned layoffs of up to 145 workers for 30 days. The Kentucky Department of Education says many midnight meetings planned at area school districts are unnecessary, and not placing them at the front of the line for a $10,000 grant. The Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange will begin an advertising campaign in mid-June to promote its work in TV spots that will run statewide.

Tennessee: Clarksville city officials are awaiting federal approval for a new natural gas pipeline that is expected to ensure service and lower rates to city residents. Queen Elizabeth's youngest son, Prince Edward, is visiting Tennessee to promote one of the British royal family's charities, the Duke of Edinburgh's awards.

Illinois: The Illinois House is expected to vote on a compromise plan on concealed weapons that has generated the opposition of Governor Pat Quinn.