The Morning Cram [buttery powered edition]

Jan 11, 2013

Butter sculptors will be sad to see their works taken down at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. But farmers are happy to have their homes powered from the byproduct, methane. Find out what’s churning in the Pennsylvania back country.

Kentucky: Government workers and retirees are calling for full funding of the state's pension system. Bonds will be issued for more than 15 million dollars in improvements at Murray State University. Kentucky officials say federal Medicaid funding is being cut for more than half of the state’s primary-care clinics. Kentucky's General Fund revenue rose substantially in December. Kentucky has made the top ten in Education Week magazine's annual rankings of school policy and standards.  

Tennessee:  Politicians are calling for a special meeting to investigate the Department of Children's Services' refusal to release records related to the abuse and death of children under its care.