The Morning Cram [busy bee edition]

Mar 1, 2013

From NPR: Many fruit and nut farmers rely on honeybee hives to pollinate and continue growing their crop, but the honeybees just can’t do the work by themselves anymore. They need the help of other wild bees to get the job done. Those other bees, though, are disappearing, and it’s puzzling scientists.

Kentucky: A state house bill that would generate revenue for the underfunded pension system is in legal limbo with the Senate refusing to accept the legislation. A Kentucky boy scouts leader says the decision to allow gay members into the Boy Scouts of America will be a “tipping point.” Some Kentucky and Tennessee senators have introduced legislation that would allow tailwater fishing along Cumberland River dams. Industrial hemp supporters continue to try to force a vote on the stalled bill. Some temporary Ft. Campbell employees could lose their jobs and all other workers could face furlough when sequestration goes into effect.

Tennessee: Gov. Bill Haslam is likely to sign into law the “guns in trunks” measure.

Illinois: A state Medicaid expansion under the national health care overhaul is one step closer after it passed in the Senate.